A Champion for Love

Being an advocate for Love

Why wait for a special occasion to bask in the joy of honoring love?

I can't quite pinpoint when my fondness for Valentine's Day began. It wasn't solely due to the card companies or the tear-jerking telephone commercials that used to play on TV - though my dad's occupation with the phone company might have added a touch of sentiment.

Over the years, I've consistently felt a calling to champion love on this day - extending beyond romantic partners to include everyone I know, particularly those experiencing loneliness or hardship. In my PR biz, I made it a tradition to send specially designed Valentine's cards to all my clients.

The energy is elevated on Valentine's - the vibrations are stronger....

There's something about this day...simple actually.

It's about kindness, pure and simple -sharing a little light with others.

Wanna join me in being a love champion this month?  A few tips...

  1. Reach out to a distant acquaintance you haven't spoken to in ages. Call them.
  2. Send a message through social media perhaps - to a new friend just to say hello.
  3. Share Valentine's greetings with younger people in your life – model the importance of being a champion of love.
  4. Treat yourself to a sweetheart bath. Light some candles, play love music, and indulge in some self-care.
  5. Wear red. It automatically will raise your vibration.
  6. Pass out water to the homeless with a cut-out valentine from the 5 and dime.
  7. Be a beacon of light wherever you go. You never know who might need your kindness and grace.

So my question is...are you an advocate for love?