Aging Out

Elder meets aging tree ~ My photo buddy Alex, photographed me against an extraordinary

aging tree; symbolic of our combined wisdom years.


Aging Out

January is such a long rollercoaster month for me. Had an alarming insight at the end of the year. 

We discovered random pieces of clothing and shoes being attacked by gray mold. We immediately set to work and stripped the closet down and found random items we never wear anymore, an old vintage belt, Prada shoes I truly loved but had not worn for 10 years, husband’s dress shoes with similar history as my Pradas. 

We cleaned and sprayed and then the landlord came and painted with mole retardant paint, etc.,

We talked about ways to ventilate living in this very moist climate. I then set out on the research journey about the significance of mold. The first hit was something that needed addressing emotionally, time to recalibrate. 

My latest finding, however, was the statement that something in my/our life was aging out. I had heard before the words aging out were used for youth as they were emancipated from foster care homes. There’s much to be said about when foster kids age out and how important it is that the state provide them with continued support. However, hearing the words aging out used for physical items made me pause. 

This rang true for me with the significance of the Prada shoes and my husband’s dress shoes. He used to wear daily to work - now his home office calls for slippers or sneakers. The Prada shoes were from my PR life where appearances were crucial. Are they? 

As I age I find less and less concentration on appearances and more focus on what’s truly important like relationships, nourishment, and helping those in need. As I make my way here to the end of January 2024 I have a deeper understanding of what’s truly needed in my life and space. 

Thoughts to consider: 

1. Instead of asking “What do I need” try asking “What do I not need around me?” 

2. Every item in one’s surroundings can be purposeful whether it brings you joy, usefulness or beauty. Assess what truly matters. 

3. Spend time with others who lift you up - and at the same time, notice those in difficult surroundings - perform random acts of kindness for those in need. A smile goes a long way. 

4. Keep observing. What’s aging out in your life?

5. Reminding myself daily to give gratitude - for the air I breathe. Nature’s blessings that hold me are at the top of the list.

 Care to share any new year tips that are serving you well into 2024?