Enter... a very mindful Summer Solstice

And what an extraordinary day to welcome in Summer Solstice 2022. It’s 80 degrees here in San Francisco – an unusually warm, and I predict, a very mindful, perhaps, even hot and wicked day.

Of course both myself and husband are stuck at home with COVID. Sigh. At least they are mild cases. We have our Juliet balcony to sit outside and let the air touch our skin in glorious ways. I was out there early morning.

I’ve always noted this energetically charged day in one way or the other. Mostly it seems I end up on the beach honoring this longest day of the year.

Setting intentions, expressing gratitude…lots of “I am” statements …feeling open to receiving the bounty of this nourishing day.

Whatever your energy is up for — I wish you a day full of expectancy, awe and curiosity.  

Celebrate the mindfulness of this amazing season!