Full Moon hidin

Where do I hide from my life?  This morning’s full moon held me accountable;  as did my boyfriend when he discussed “irritations of the morning” and it was basically me not having  him in the usual morning flow.  He stepped out of sequence.  It threw me off guard.  He noted the sidestep.  I acknowledged my actions.  Then I raised the bedroom blinds to the moon’s majestic unraveling and I stepped in rhythm to its own dance of becoming with camera in hand.  Then, pussycat attempting to climb out on the fire escape, which of course she did thus adding another “irritation” to the day.  Heart racing to retrieve her as she stepped into her own wonder of the mystical morning with her unbridled fearlessness of being outside in unknown territory.  This was my morning prayer – releasing the fears to new vistas inside and outside of my usual terrain.