Unveiling the Magical Force of an Intersection

I was fortunate to discover my passion for photography in my early teens. However, it wasn't until my mid-40s that I realized the significance of integrating myself into the actual art of photography. In 1994, I enrolled in a Contemplative photography class at a Buddhist Center in San Francisco.

In the class, students formed a circle and were instructed to turn in each direction, taking their time to just observe. This practice encouraged us to notice intricate details, pops of color, evocative shadows, and textures, while connecting with our hearts. It was in this exercise that I felt a profound sense of arrival and connection, delving into my inner landscape. This realization marked a crucial intersection where my art met my authentic self.

Subsequently, I began recognizing various signposts along my journey that ultimately led me to practice Mindful Photography. I firmly believe that anyone can apply these techniques to gain a deeper understanding of their work. 

The process involves simple steps:

  1. Stand and gaze in each direction. Take your time before turning to a new direction.
  2. Pause and just notice what's in front of you.
  3. Pay attention to the minutiae, various shapes, and pops of color.
  4. Breathe into your heart.
  5. Navigate through the chaos by feeling your way. I like to place my hands on my heart.
  6. Recognize a sense of calm and peace.
  7. Invite a new intersection surfacing.
  8. Acknowledge this moment.
  9. Embrace a sense of gratitude.
  10. Proceed with confidence, recognizing that you've become an integral part of your creative journey. 

Learning is not solely about mastering techniques; it's about the profound act of infusing oneself into the artistic process.

If you've had a similar experience or wish to explore more about my journey, you can visit my website at www.suziebiehlerphotography.com and contact me directly there.