Moving Parts of the Season

It’s cold and foggy.  I huddle next to my space heater.  I stretch to recall when I’ve had so many unknown moving parts in my life.   I observe each and every one of them affecting my personal, professional and artistic endeavors.  I take delight in the mood changers;  the scent of a rose, the touch of my lover’s hand, a sweet smile of comfort on my elderly companion.  I notice with each area there is a wisp of clarity, an acknowledgement I’m on the right track –  knowing that all I need do is circle back to my internal anchor to find my way.

Right before me I witness varied levels of life.  I find my place amongst the crowd and hold steady.  I am part of this collective, this humanity that pushes the limits in every circuitous way of this urban living.

I place less emphasis on appearances and more on compassion – toward myself and others.  I embrace the totality of all the parts.  Collectively we make up the whole and I am reminded that life needs us all.