Ode to Autumn’s Graces

What is the Difference Between a Flower and a Weed?

I was walking up the block in a mindfully slow-motion kind of stroll when I happened upon the flower (some would say a weed) popping out of the cement. I smiled and thought of autumn’s graces.

It prompted a smile and drew me into its essence of pure joy. Bursting through the pavement, this sweet being shed some grace on anyone who passed by. It was almost like it was screaming, “See Me.” I felt a tinge of camaraderie with this living creature, thinking of my own resiliency and the drive to keep showing up no matter what.

Smiling to myself, I photographed this sweet delight. I questioned what prompted it to bloom right on my path. And, truly, why would some call this a weed when it was clearly projecting its star-like yellow colors?


That’s the difference between a flower and a weed, simply put. Judgment.

In an interview with the Dalai Lama, he was asked what it was like to meet world leaders and how would he prepare for it.

He simply said, “It’s always a delight to meet a soul.” He expanded his words, and noted that it doesn’t really matter who they are or what they do. All are souls.


As I make my way through this transitional month of October heading into autumn’s graces, I find myself wanting to stretch more physically. I also have the need to move inwardly, to let the air sit on my skin so it can be savored and soaked up and enjoyed and appreciated.

And when I catch myself about to pass judgment, I am reminded of the flower forcing its life out of the grey, veiny pavement to occupy its rightful space.

Such a call is mine too, that is, to stand fully in my looming height, stretch my arms to the sky, and breathe in my divine inheritance.


Where might you mistake a weed for a flower?

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