Summer Summons Joy!

Lean on Me…Said the Tree

The changing of the seasons. We shift into Summer. Do our hearts follow the pulsating beat of warmer days, frolic on the beach and simply play?I am reminded of a tree tactic I rediscovered recently. I had been reading on a park bench one day and suddenly needed to shift.

A tree beckoned me – as if to say…I am here for you.

Gathering my books and journal I made my way to position myself up against the tree bark.

I immediately felt calmer. These invisible arms held me - urging me to sink against its strength. I felt a deeper connection.

Nature at its best.

So, when feeling frazzled or in need of a boost, go find your tree.

  1. Plant yourself up against its trunk
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Sit at least 10 minutes
  4. Notice a sense of peace wash over you
  5. Acknowledge the tree being with all its wisdom for drawing you further into nature
  6. Repeat as often as possible

What might you do in nature to recalibrate your psyche - let go of the negativity and savor the season's change?