Was this My First Primal Scream?


My First Primal Scream...

I rediscovered this archival image recently of myself with my three sisters - it appears it was “one of those days” and I needed a good scream.

Jump ahead to my first trip to Hawaii in my 40s. I met a fellow kindred spirit, Gregal, and he introduced me to Little Beach in Maui.

“Let’s do a primal scream,” Gregal stated. I looked at him inquisitively.

“Go down underwater and face in each direction and scream as loud as you can into the sea,” he directed.

I followed. Why not? I turned to the north, went underwater, and screamed. I came up, got a good breath and turned toward the west. I repeated my action, each time screaming louder into the rippling sea, each taking on new meaning. When I finished, I felt exhausted and truly exhilarated.

Another Lesson of the Day

My final action before I left the beach that day was to see if I could battle the waves.
I squatted down once again into the sea and put my arms around my knees. I thought if I squeezed tight, I could outwit the waves.

Such a novice I was to think I could do that. The waves came and pushed my body into contortions and movements. I seriously thought I was being torn apart limb by limb. 
When at last the wave calmed down, I was able to get up and move. 

The grace and beauty of the ocean's force is profound. It teaches us humility and reminds us that there are forces in the world much greater than ourselves. Surrendering to these forces and finding harmony with them can be a transformative experience. The ocean, with its immense power and beauty, serves as a potent metaphor for life itself.


Always Learning…

I learned two lessons that day at Little Beach. First, the act of primal screaming and releasing pent-up emotions into the sea is a beautiful way to cleanse the soul and find renewal. It can be a form of therapy and self-expression, allowing us to let go of the burdens we carry and connect with the vastness and power of the natural world. Little did I know as a little girl (pictured here) I was releasing my first primal scream. And, the other lesson - it reigns as a force for me to align with grace and beauty if I choose to be with it and not try and outsmart it.

That day, the ocean was a sacred container for me and it held me as I released unwanted energy through my screams.

How about you?

Have you had a deeply cathartic and spiritual connection with the ocean through a primal scream? Perhaps another experience of release? What’s your release to sync with the forces of nature?